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Epic's choice to take down the wiki came quick. This guide hopes to help developers looking for the content that used to be found on Epic's now defunct Wiki.

So the community Wiki is gone, now what?

It would be shocking if Epic didn't wind up putting the Wiki back only, at least for a temporary amount of time. But in the event that they don't (or if it takes them a while to do so), we can do our best to retain and archive as much of the wiki on this site.

Since this news broke a number of things have happened and this page was first created, a number of things have happened. As a result, this guidebook will become more of a resource manual that offers guidance of a focused set of topics that will independently maintained by a smaller group of developers.

A new community-driven wiki was launched for Unreal Engine 4

A community effort has been launched to create a new wiki resource for developers. You can check out the new wiki using the link below. Heads up though, it's still in a work in progress!

In addition to the new wiki, there's a community driven Discord channel around this effort. We'd love to have anyone looking to contribute to the conversation around building a better platform for Unreal Engine and game development knowledge-share.

Epic released a static file dump of the wiki contents

One of Epic's community managers reached out to us (the community mentioned above) and provided access to an archive of all the original wiki files. It's hosted on Box and you can access it using the link below. If you can't find the article you're looking for on the new wiki, or want the original version of the content, then that's going to be the place to look.

Other members of the community started publishing their own archives

Several other members have created solutions for getting the old wiki content online. For example, Michael Cole did a great job of building a quick Github pages solution using the Wayback Machine archive content.

I can't find the article I'm looking for...

We've gone ahead and scoured the Wayback Machine in order to a create a .zip file with as much archival data as we could retrieve. This file is available for download on Dropbox using the following link:

If you can't find it in the .zip archive, changes are that it's lost for good until Epic or the original author reposts it somewhere else.

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